Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blog Tour and Book Review: Strangers by Paul Finch

Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hi, guys. Today is my stop for the blog tour of the gripping read written by Paul Finch. Strangers is one hell of a read, full of adrenaline and I believe that there isn't even a single page that doesn't make the hair on your neck stand.

PC Lucy Clayburn has to live with the skeletons in her closet. Four years ago, a convicted murderer escaped while handcuffed to her. She almost got killed then and the entire operation failed. But Lucy loves being a copper and since then she desperately tries to prove to herself and others that she is a good cop.

And the opportunity arrives....

A man has been killed. Alone, in the woods, mutilated. The police connect the case with some previous cases where other men were killed and also mutilated. Everything points to a serial killer.

But what if the serial killer is a woman?

Monday, September 26, 2016

My Blogging Story

I've been reading my entire life, as long as I remember. My mother used to say that could read my neighbor's first-grade book when I was only three years old. When I was a kid, my mom used to buy me children's books with animals. I read them all by myself, I didn't need any help. I still have Grimm brothers' stories somewhere in my basement. I've been always fascinated by the storytelling and always imagined myself in the story.

As I grew older, my reading habit didn't diminish at all. I believe I was the only kid that had several pages long list of borrowed books from the school library. I wasn't much into sport's activities, my spare time was always spent with a book. It happened sometimes to borrow the same book twice, just because I forgot that I've read it before, or because there was a new edition with a different cover.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Book Review: What Doesn't Kill You, The Mystery (A Lauren Beck Crime Novel #1) by Donna Huston Murray

Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Lauren Beck is finally cancer free. But her friend and supporter during chemotherapy didn't have that luck. Corrinne dies from cancer. Corrinne's daughter blames Lauren for her mother's death. She accuses her of mixing up the drugs in order causing euthanasia, just to stop her suffering. Even worse, she kicks her out from her house.

In the very same time, strange things start to happen. Someone is stealing Lauren's identity. No more money on her credit cards, canceled payments, unknown debts, Lauren never did anything of this. She suspects Corrine's daughter but is no sure about anything. And Corrinne's death, what if someone is responsible for her death?

Lauren is a former police officer, now works as a private investigator. With her identity stolen and no place to live, she has to swallow her pride and count on the people who aren't her best friends. But most of it, she has to find out what really happened to her friend. She knows she didn't do anything, but what if someone did? This time, she has to use her investigation skills and save people's lives, including her own. 'Cause someone is after her!